Our fully integrated access control system has been designed for effective application within today’s dynamic residential, commercial, hospitality and institutional real estate venues. The SPY TEC Entry remote accessible system provides our clients with the ability to administer, maintain, and upgrade our access systems, giving you full control of who comes and goes with internal secure reporting. Our system simply requires that you manage your access devices or biometric system keeping information regarding personnel current and organized. You can select as many authorized personnel as needed to access or administer entry. These systems can be fully integrated with a video recording system to not only allow access but to video entry and exit as well. The combined implementation of entry and video is a serious tool against illegal subletting, unauthorized people in a fitness area and a host of other issues that plague corporations and real estate management teams. Let us assist you in eliminating these issues with digital evidence.

The SPY TEC Entry System will allow you to:
Keep access information current and organized
Combine video with access in any area
Allows you to have the option of selecting authorized personnel as needed by area
Establish when unauthorized persons enter a restricted area
Prevent theft and identify intruders instantly

Contact us for a initial consultion to discuss how access control can organize and keep digital records of your facility.