Sexual betrayal is one of the most devastating experiences a married person can go through. Whether you’ve been married for months or decades, the resulting pain runs deep. It is even worse if you discover that the infidelity has been going on well before you found out.

While being cheated upon is horrible, acting on that knowledge quickly so it doesn’t fester can help lessen the sting. Advances in technology have made catching someone in the act of cheating easier than ever. Here are three popular tools that can help you get the goods on him or her.

1. GPS Tracking

If you want to know exactly where your partner is going, a GPS tracker is an indispensable way to find out. Location information is delivered to your smartphone, tablet or computer in real time. You can be texted or emailed at the precise moment they leave specific boundaries that you’ve digitally circled on a map on your screen. This is called geo-fencing.

Some GPS trackers are battery powered and can be hidden inside a car or concealed in a magnetic case that can be placed under the vehicle. Hidden GPS trackers will ensure that your partner won't know they’re being tracked so that you can find out the real story.

2. Phone Monitoring Software

Another method of keeping tabs on your spouse is by monitoring their cell phone. You will need to have basic access to their phone to install the software. Once loaded onto the device, the phone monitoring software will allow you to access both phone numbers and texting records.

Depending upon the application’s features, cell phone monitoring software may also be able to recover calls and texts done before the application was installed. Some phone monitoring applications can recover records from WhatsApp and other popular chatting applications. Others can recover deleted photos and text messages. Be sure to purchase phone monitoring software that has the features you’re looking for.

3. Hidden Cameras

Camera technology has become highly sophisticated. Cameras are smaller and easier to hide than ever before. If you suspect that your spouse may be cheating while you’re away from home, installing a hidden camera can allow you to monitor and record what’s going on there in your absence.

In addition to free-standing cameras that can be hidden in the home, clandestine cameras embedded in common household items like a clock or fan are also available. This gives your camera a stealthy profile so your spouse won’t know it’s there. The video recordings can be played back later or, depending on the model, streamed live over the Internet to your mobile device or computer so you can see with your own eyes what’s going on as it’s happening.


The tools of detection are designed to help you get at the truth. They are no substitute for the help you may need from professional counselors or friends who can help you heal.

A word of caution: If you make use of these methods only to find that there is nothing going on, it’s possible that you have a trust issue that needs to be addressed. While it’s good news to find out your spouse is not cheating, constantly feeling suspicious isn’t healthy for you or the relationship. The best course of action then is to talk with your spouse and communicate your concerns. Doing so, hopefully, will bring you closer and make your relationship healthier going forward.