Learn If Your Guy Is Cheating With These Social Media Red Flags

Absolutely nobody wants to think that the great guy they've just met might be a cheater, but at the same time, infidelity is incredibly common. If you want to start looking for red flags that a man might not be who he seems, you're not being paranoid — you're just being careful.

Case in point: social media. Over the last decade, social media has evolved into one of the most dominant communications platforms on earth. What someone does (or doesn't do) online can actually tell you a great deal about who they are in real life. You can look for clues to help you figure out whether or not he's cheating on you, or if he's about to cheat WITH you as well.

1. His Fake Name and His Real Name Are Two Different Things

The first and perhaps most obvious thing to check out is the name a guy uses on social media. If his actual name and the name on the account are two different things, you're likely dealing with a spoof account that he uses for cheating — meaning that you have absolutely no idea what you're getting into.

2. He Displays Signs That His Age Is Not What It Seems

Another way to tell if a guy is cheating (or is about to cheat with YOU) is to look for signs that he may be a bit younger than he appears. If he posts a lot of silly memes, for example, that don't seem as mature as he tries so very hard to be, remember the old saying of "we are what we consume."

3. His Friends Are Nowhere to Be Found

If a guy actually posts on sites like Facebook or Twitter quite a bit, but his friends never seem to comment on them, guess what — you're looking at one of the most obvious signs that he may have a second account you don't know about. Either his friends are posting on an account that you're unaware of, OR the actual people posting on his primary account aren't "actual people" at all — they're fake followers he purchased.

4. Dive Deep Into His Photos

Another clear sign to watch out for isn't the volume of pictures he posts, but where those pictures are taken. If he posts pictures that are almost exclusively from bars or night clubs, the chances are high that he's not done living the "wild life" quite yet.

5. Girls, Girls, Girls — Who Like to Comment

Similar to the concept of fake friends but from a different perspective, you'll also want to take a closer look at exactly who is commenting on a guy's posts. Maybe he only has one social media account, but if he swears that all those girls who keep posting on his page are "just friends," you may want to think again.

6. Rules About His Photos

When it comes to social media photos posted by men, there are two clear rules you want to follow. First, never trust a guy who DOESN'T post photos of himself or who posts photos that seem to be either very old or incredibly processed. Number two, never trust a guy who seems too good to be true — because the chances are high he probably is.

7. Being Online Too Much or Not Enough

Finally, always pay attention to a guy's social media habits in terms of the actual amount of time he spends on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget that extremes are very much a bad thing in this case. If he's either online 24 hours a day, seven days a week OR he goes dark for huge periods of time, these are both excellent signs that he's not who he says he is. The second in particular is an excellent sign that he's married and he only uses the account he gave you to get a little action on the side.