LandAirSea SilverCloud Sync OBD Real-Time Tracker

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The SilverCloud® Sync from LandAirSea is a real-time fleet GPS tracking system that plugs directly into the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-II) Port (located under the driver side dash or steering column). Get On-Board Diagnostic reports, such as: low battery, fuel, harsh braking, idling, excessive RPM, tampering and check engine alerts.

With web based tracking software and Made-In-America technology, this automated vehicle location system is designed to improve asset utilization, service flexibility, security, driver effectiveness and overall efficiency.

The SilverCloud® Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices offer a fast, minimum update speed of 10 seconds and affordable month-to-month real-time tracking service with no contracts.

Take a look at our Features and Specs section to learn even more about the power of SilverCloud® Real-Time Tracking.

You can view your live tracking online from any computer with internet access or download the FREE SilverCloud® Application for your Android, iPhone or iPad from the appropriate App Store for tracking on the go.

Data Plans: Choose from Business (10-second updates) or Economy (1-minute updates)

$39.95/ month
10-second updates
Unlimited data
Precision Tracking
Receive alerts
Generate reports
$29.95/ month
1-minute Updates
Unlimited Data
Receive Alerts
Generate reports


• Fast and user-friendly online web browser application with simultaneous 2D and 3D satellite mapping powered by Google Maps.

• ShareSpot® Option gives fleet transportation services and logistics companies the ability to share their live GPS location with anyone via URL or an embedded code on their website.

• SilverCloud Alerts, which indicate speed, low-battery, arrival and departure notifications via text message or email.

• Virtual Geo-Zones, which allows users to create customized zones that can send text messages and emails notifying the user when the vehicle enters or exits a designated area.

• Routing Utility, which gives users the ability to send real-time directions to the drivers mobile phone via text message.

• Unlimited storage of driving history and web-based historical playback with the ability to generate detailed printable text reports.


The SilverCloud® Sync also provides On-Board Diagnostic reports and alerts:

• Ignition On/Off
• Current Speed and Excessive RPM Warning
• Low Battery and Low Fuel Warnings
• Harsh Braking and Idling Warnings
• Rapid Acceleration and High Speed Warnings
• Tampering and Check Engine Warnings

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  • Diagnostics: Blinking LED, SMS or TCP diagnostic messages
  • Unit will not work on the following Mercades E250, E350
  • Dimensions:1.8"W x 2.18" L x 1.08" H
  • Operating Temp: -22F to + 158F
  • Power 9-16 Volts DC (powered by the vehicle’s OBD-II port)
  • GSM Channels 850/1900 (U.S.) 900/1800 (Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East)
  • Communication Protocol: SMS, GPRS (UDP)
  • Update Frequency: 5 minute, 1 minute, 10 second and 5 second
  • Historical Playback:Unlimited historical playback stored at LandAirSea’s server
  • Reporting: Individual and enhanced vehicle report, start/stop, mileage and more
  • Unit will not work on the following Mercades E250, E350, Ford F250,F350,F450 and Ford Mustang 2013
User Manual Yes
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SilverCloud® Sync Fleet GPS Tracking System
Bit Rate No
Context No
Cross Sell No
Upsell No
YouTube Link
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker 
  • Track a Child, Adult, Vehicle or Asset
  • Size - 1.8" x 2.18" x 1.08"
  • Access Remotely via Computer or Phone
  • Easily Share GPS Locations with Anyone
  • Simulatenous 2D & 3D Tracking
  • Receive Alerts by E-mail & Text Message
  • Plugs Directly in OBD-2
  • Monthly Subscription Applies (Starts at $29.95 a month)
  • View Route on Google Maps or Google Earth
  • Includes One Year Warranty
  • Built by LandAirSea
YouTube No