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Suspect that your spouse is cheating?
You are probably right!

Catch Them In The Act!

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The odds are against you

Relationships can be rewarding and challenging. True love and fidelity is rare these days. Most people are going to cheat on you. You are not alone. The shocking statistic is that a whopping 30-60% of people will cheat on their lover, spouse or partner. Based on that scary statistic YOU are more than likely being cheated on too. It could be happening right now and you would not know it. There are a warning signs that you should know about. Do you have a bottle of magic blue pills? If so are they running low? Last minute travel and business trips make it easier to cheat. The cheater thinks that there is less chance of getting caught when they are out of town. Are last minute, unexplained business trips popping up that you are not invited to? Something else to look out for is evidence of cheating.

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Is the laundry machine working overtime to cover up the scene of the crime? If you see things like this going on you have every right to be concerned.

Types of People Who Cheat

Is there a certain personality type that is more likely to cheat? It's a good question and one that has a very specific answer: Yes, absolutely. It's true that confident, outgoing, and selfish people tend to cheat more than your average decently behaved person. Those are just a few personality traits that give us insight into the kind of person who cheats. People who are also less in touch with their feelings and emotions are more likely to cheat.

Attractiveness and status also contribute to cheating. Many people in positions of power feel like they deserve to cheat. Marriage doesn't have the same weight to them, and even a solid long term commitment means little with regard to being faithful.

Situations That Result in Cheating

There are situations in life that come up that can manipulate our emotions. These scenarios often bring out the absolute worst in people, and often result in cheating

Emotional Infidelity: This is where you are closer to someone in your life other than your spouse. This happens in office situations quite often. Your “work spouse” becomes your lover.

Flirty People: If your spouse is around a singles-type crowd where it’s common to cheat, that’s an issue. One-On-One Time: Spending alone time with another person that isn’t your spouse can lead to straying.

Emotional Distance: If you don’t feel connected to your spouse anymore, you are more likely to cheat.

Out Of Town Travel: It’s just easier to cheat while you are away on business, or on another trip with a group of your buddies or gal pals.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: These chemicals dull people’s inhibitions and senses, leading them to do things they might not normally do.

Considering a Detective?

Are you considering a private detective? Many people think that is the best way to go. Detectives can be very expensive and they are in no hurry to prove your case. The sooner they prove it the sooner you stop paying them. There are much easier and quicker ways to catch your cheater. Don’t be a sad statistic. Catch them and stop them. Find out the truth and put your worries to rest.

Catch Them In The Act!

with our Catch-a-Cheater kits

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Catch Them In The Act!

with our Catch-a-Cheater kits

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