Are You Getting Cheated On?

Most people cheat!

  • 68% of people would cheat if guaranteed not to get caught
  • 40% have cheated with a friend
  • 36% of people have affairs with a co-worker
  • 22% have cheated with an ex
  • 1 in 5 people will cheat

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Is Your Partner Likely to Cheat?

Infidelity Quiz


Question 1: How successful do you think you and your partner are when it comes to talking and communicating?

Question 2: Does your partner believe you share his or her passions and interests? (Choose the closest scenario.)

Question 3: Describe the most recent time you surprised your partner with a spontaneous thoughtful act.

Question 4: How often do you verbally express your appreciation for your partner?

Question 5: Your partner would likely say:

Question 6: Does your partner ever call you “moody?”

Question 7: When rating priorities such as your career, children, marriage, hobbies, fitness, etc., how would you rate your relationship with your partner?

Question 8: How often does your partner compliment the way you look?

Question 9: Would you say your partner would like to be sexual with you more frequently?

Question 10: When you are together sexually with your partner, do you believe your partner is satisfied?

Question 11: If your partner has to work late, how are you informed?

Question 12: When did you and your partner last go away alone together for at least two nights?

Question 13: How frequently does your partner criticize you about things like your preferences, style, habits or personality traits?

Question 14: Recently (within the last few months), our sex life has been:

Question 15: What person's name do you overhear your partner saying out loud the most?

Question 16: Does your partner know of anyone who has cheated on his or her partner?

Question 17: How much time do you spend talking specifically with your partner each day?

Question 18: If one of your partner’s parents had a health crisis, who would he or she turn to for support?

Question 19: How much income does your partner provide the household?

Question 20: How does your partner see or describe the relationship of his or her parents?

Question 21: How did your partner celebrate your most recent birthday? (Choose the closest scenario.)

Question 22: Is your partner generally stressed at work?

Question 23: Do household finances stress out your partner? How much?

Question 24: Your partner has a coworker that you don't trust. You suspect this person has an eye for your partner. When you bring it up in a moment of weakness, your partner’s reply is:

Question 25: How long have you been together? (Choose closest scenario regardless of whether or not you have kids.)