Signs of Cheating

Why do people cheat, and what are the telltale signs?

Warning Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Concrete signs of a sexual affair can be hard to spot. You know the typical ones: lipstick on his collar, lewd pictures on a smartphone, the odd smell of someone else’s fragrance when he or she comes home. All these signs can add up to infidelity. Here are some other warning signs to watch out for if you suspect your spouse is cheating.

Missing Medications for Erectile Dysfunction: If you know he has a bottle of Viagra or similar drug laying around, and some of it goes missing, he might be using it elsewhere.

Missing Condoms: If the number of packets have been mysteriously dwindling, it’s a bad omen.

Sudden Interest in Washing Their Clothes or Taking a Shower: This is kind of gross because they’re trying to eradicate someone else’s scents or fluids by washing an unidentified man or woman right out of their hair, skin or garments.

Loss of Time: They can’t explain where they have been, or they don’t have any proof of what they were doing when they make up an excuse.

Types of Situations That Often Result in Cheating

There are situations that can manipulate our emotions. Such scenarios can bring out the worst in people, and often result in cheating

Emotional Infidelity: This is where you are closer to someone in your life other than your spouse. This happens in office situations quite often. Your “work spouse” becomes your lover.

Flirty People: If your spouse is a bartender or a tour guide, for instance, and around a singles-type crowd, there may be numerous opportunities to cheat. And it doesn’t have to be a group setting. One-on-one time such as a photographer working with a model or a tutor teaching an adult English as a second language may spur opportunities. Spending alone time with another person that isn’t your spouse can lead to straying.

Emotional Distance: If you don’t feel connected to your spouse anymore, you are more likely to cheat.

Out Of Town Travel: It’s just easier to cheat while you are away on business, or on another trip with a group of your buddies or gal pals.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Such ingredients dull people’s inhibitions and alter their senses, leading them to do things they might not normally do.

Tips for Exposing a Lying or Cheating Spouse

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, then you’ve probably been monitoring their activities for some time. Maybe you have checked their emails and call history or looked through their financial receipts seeking to find a “smoking gun.” Perhaps you found a charge for a random hotel room—the key that will prove to you once and for all what’s been happening. Is this proof of the affair that will end your marriage? Sometimes it’s right in your face: you see a racy email from a co-worker that indicates there’s way more going on than just friendship. Or, maybe you found a receipt for an expensive necklace from Tiffany's that he certainly didn’t give to you. It’s important to keep track of all occurrences that are suspicious to you. Your goal should be to gather enough evidence that the aggregate will be impossible for your spouse to deny what’s been happening. At some point your partner will confess everything to you, because they know they’re unable to hide their infidelity from you any longer. The jig will be up. They’ve been caught, and it’s time to confess.

Next Step: Catching a Cheater
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